Making sense of the new NHS


Making sense of the new NHS – after implementation of the Health & Social Care Bill

1. Introduction

Despite UNISON’s campaigning, the Health and Social Care Bill received royal assent to become an Act of Parliament on 27 March 2012. Along with accompanying reforms such as Any Qualified Provider and attacks on terms and conditions, the Act has major implications for UNISON members and for the NHS in England.

2. The new NHS

The new NHS introduced 1st April 2013 lost 2 layers we have been used to; the strategic health authorities and Primary Care Trusts.  Our branch had members from both these organisations in Manchester and are now in the process of saying goodbye to these members who are moving to different UNISON branches.

3.  New Structures

In their place the government is devolving responsibility for the majority of commissioning to local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), which will be made up largely of GPs, with some limited involvement for hospital consultants and nurses.

4.    How has this affected our Trust

At this time (April 2013) there has not been any difference to our trust than other trusts.  However, we are aware that Manchester CCG’s have commissioned a report from a private consultancy (Mental Health Matters).