Lobby MMHSCT Trust Board meeting, 31st March 2016


The Branch organised a lobby of the MMHSCT Trust Board meeting on 31st March 2016 outside Chorlton House.

At this meeting MMHSCT announced that despite overwhelming support for all the services, it was going ahead with plans to close all 9 frontline services.

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The consultation about these services (though not really about whether they should be closed or not) finished on 21st February.  You can view the Branch response to the consultation here: Consultation response

The campaign continues

Following the Trust’s decision to proceed with closing all the 9 services – they are now due to close by mid August – the campaign held an organising meeting on 7th April.  This reviewed what we’d done so far, and made plans for further campaigning.  The notes are available here.

Write to your councillor in Manchester and to all candidates for election on 5th May

The campaign has produced model letters for you to send to find out what councillors and candidates will do to fight for better mental health services and against the proposed closures.  Feel free to adapt these letters.

There are two letters: one for current councillors and one for candidates.  If you are a Manchester resident, please use these letters to question sitting and prospective councillors about what they are prepared to do to fight for mental health services.

The list of all candidates is on the Manchester City Council website:  http://www.manchester.gov.uk/downloads/download/6440/list_of_candidates_standing_in_5_may_2016_local_election_statements_of_person_nominated