Consultation on proposed cuts to 8 services


Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust and Manchester CCGs were told by the Health Scrutiny Committee to conduct a public consultation into the proposed closure of 8 frontline mental health services, plus the community rehabitation service in Crumpsall.  The rehab service is really separate from the other services, because it is closing as a result of the decision by Creative Support (who provide some of the staff) to withdraw from the service – the few remaining residents will be rehoused, and the MMHSCT staff will be redeployed.  So the consultation, and the financial figures, should really just be about the 9 frontline services.

Inadeqate consultation

The consultation paper which has recently been produced does not actually consult on the proposed closures themselves – it asks people to comment on a limited range of questions, such as any other ideas for making savings (cuts) and how a paltry £200,000 might be reinvested as a minimal alternative to the 8 services.  Respondents are asked to ‘vote’ for one or other of the services if they want them to be retained.  The branch strongly objects to this – this is about crucial services for people with mental health problems, it is not a beauty contest.

Branch response

The branch is preparing a response to the consultation, together with members in the affected services.  We will post a draft on this website as soon as possible.  Contact us if you want to respond to the consultation and would like to discuss this with us: email