Branch Support Cross Union Anti-Fascist Demo


No to fascism!  

United demonstration in Liverpool


Following attacks at Unite’s office in Liverpool and of PCS activists Unite the Union called a demonstration in Liverpool on Saturday 12th October 2013.  Just 2 weeks after the magnificent demonstration in Manchester in support of the NHS; the trade union movement again pulled together to show that it is also united to fight the threat of the far right.  Unison members again made up a large contingent on the day.
A clear theme of the demonstration and the rally which followed was the MEP elections due to take place in 2014 and the importance of ousting Nick Griffin as one of the North West’s members of the European Parliament.  He does not represent us!
It is a central aim of Trade Unions to fight racism and fascism and build unity and acceptance in our society.  It was good to see cross union unity to fight the enemies of the EDL, BNP, North West Infadels and other fascist organisations.
Another key theme of the rally was the decision of Tommy Robinson to move from the EDL to the Quilliam Organisation.  We should see this as a victory for all the activists, including those from this branch who have supported the fight against the EDL and Unite Against Fascisms fight against the EDL.
The last UAF rally attended by the branch showed that the EDL were losing their position as a street army, being forced to hold the demonstration in Farnworth park well away from the public they hope to influence.  They are without doubt demoralised.
One highlight but definite warning that we need to stay on guard was the Greek speaker who described their anti-fascists movement’s role in the arrest and imprisonment of Golden Dawn members who had recently murdered a prominent rapper.
We must remain strong in the our aims for unity and continue to fight racism, facism and discrimination whenever it surfaces.
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